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Pintech E-Road Pro Kit


Pintech Electronic Percussion - E-Road Pro Kit

By C. Fritschi

Last night at an Open Mic Atlanta venue I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Pintech electronic drum kit. Prior to this I had never played or heard of a Pintech kit, having spent time with various Roland and Yamaha kits they were my references for this comparison.

The controller was easy to read with a jog dial that provides easy access to a variety of stored sample sounds that emulate different kits depending on the application. The pads mount on a standard rack and the cables mount cleanly along the rack tubes from pad to controller. The pads feature the mesh head playing surface that has become standard on higher end electronic kits. They offer very good sensitivity at various dynamic levels and the "feel" was comparable to other high end electronic kits with mesh heads that have better rebound and result in much less shock fatigue than hard rubber discs.

The cymbal modules (hi-hat, ride and 2 crashes) responded well and had the feel of the plastic discs that again are typical of today's higher end electronic "cymbals". There is a softer rubber portion that acted as the playing surface and offered a bit of shock absorption vs. slamming away on hard plastic.

There were no issue with false triggering and again the kit was sensitive enough to respond to various levels of force which contributed to the high end feel of the kit.

The acid test for me is trying to get an electro kit to swing and the Pintech passed this test after "Moondace" was called out. I initially laughed at the prospect of attempting this tune on an electronic kit but I was pleasantly surprised as were my band mates.  

The kit did as well as I have heard an electronic kit do with this type of material. Taken within the context of electronic kits and in comparison with the mainstays in this arena, the Pintech was a pleasure to play and included all the bells and whistles along with a flexible setup and a nice number of pads to accommodate any application where an electronic kit is desired.  

E-Road Pro Kit Includes:
2 CC102ST-TE-EZ, 10" Black ConcertCast dual-zone, EZ Tune drums with mesh heads, TEK LeverLock Knobs and SilenTrim 
2 CC122ST-TE-EZ, 12" Black ConcertCast dual-zone, EZ Tune drums with mesh heads, TEK LeverLock Knobs and SilenTrim 
1 AX14S-TE-EZ 14" Black Acoustech Piccolo dual-zone, EZ Tune snare with mesh heads, Snare Mesh Saver, SilenTrim and heavy-duty, double braced, ball and socket Snare stand.
1 CKV-12-TE, 12" ConcertCast, upright bass drum with mesh head, SilenTrim and Bass Head Saver
1 1300HHC RYC, 13" VisuLite hi hat cymbals with controller featuring full-velocity hi-hat control and heavy-duty, double braced Hi Hat Stand 
2 1602 RYC, 16" VisuLite dual-zone, chokable crashes with Aquarian Cymbal Springs 
1 1803B, 18" VisuLite triple-zone ride cymbal, featuring bell, bow and edge zones, with Aquarian Cymbal Spring
1 5001T Rack, Heavy-duty, all steel, chrome 3-leg rack with metal hardware pack and hideaway cymbal boom arms 
Includes hand-soldered CBI brand cables with high quality Neutrik connectors
1 UM-1, Module Mount
1 Pair of Hotsticks drumsticks
ConcertCast Drums
  • Seamless one-piece cast aluminum titanium, boron blend shell
  • American Made by Pintech
  • Rugged powdercoat Silver Vein finish is standard
  • Standard "L" rod mounting
  • Available in single-and dual-zone versions
  • TE model available black finish w/steel ratcheting LeverLock mounting knob
  • Available in three sizes-8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch
SilenTech Mesh Heads
  • American-made by Evans
  • Single-ply design for a natural feel
  • Available in standard acoustic drum sizes
  • Ultra low stick noise
  • Exceptional durability
VisuLite Cymbals
  • 1/4" Acrylic for a Heavier weight and more natural feel
  • Available in 12 color choices
  • Superb tracking and sensitivity
  • Models come in 10,12,13,14,16, and 18" sizes
  • Splashes, crashes, rides, hi-hats, and chinas available
  • China looks, mounts, and responds like an acoustic china
  • Low stick noise when using optional strike pads pre-installed 
  • Custom made and hand formed
  • American Made by Pintech
HHC Hi Hat Controller
  • Full-velocity hi-hat control
  • Full-Range, constant velocity operation for realistic hi-hat/melodic sounds
  • Mounts on most standard acoustic Hi Hat stands
  • American Made by Pintech
  • Roland/Yamaha/Alesis compatible
ConcertCast CKV Kick Drum
  • Seamless one-piece cast aluminum, titanium, boron blend shell
  • Available in 10" and 12" sizes
  •  Rugged powdercoat Silver Vein finish is standard
  • TE model available in black finish
  • Un-baffled design for optimal feel
  • Ultra quiet mesh head playing surface
  • Double pedal compatible
  • Includes memory locks for spurs
  • American Made by Pintech
  • Bass Mesh Saver pre-installed
7001 Steel Rack
  • All Steel with Chrome Finish
  • Heavy duty and rugged
  • Includes necessary metal clamps
  • 3-leg rack with hideaway cymbal boom arms